Google has once again given the market a world-class smartphone experience. Google Pixel 6 Pro has been claimed to overpower smartphones by Apple. The smartphone creates a benchmark for all the other products in the smartphone industry. It consists of excellent features and brilliant applications that enhance the user experience. 

Looking at all the previous phones that were released by Google, this smartphone has done wonders already. 

If you are looking for a smartphone that has a larger display and fits into the budget you have set, Google Pixel 6 Pro is the best smartphone that you can buy. It gives a very tough competition to Apple and Samsung smartphones. 

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In this blog, you will find a proper review of Google Pixel 6 Pro features and abilities. This smartphone has brilliant features that are mentioned here. 


The biggest feature about the Google Pixel 6 Pro is its fresh and new design. Google has ditched its 2016 idea of preferring function over the design of the phone. Pixel 6 Pro has a generously beautiful design and contains a curved display. It has a nice glass body and is available in 3 different colour options. 

The build quality of the phone is brilliant. It has a solid body and perfect heft, and the phone isn’t even very heavy. 


The smartphone by Google has a display with perfect colour saturation and accuracy for the same. The refresh rate of the Google Pixel 6 Pro is 120Hz. This means that if the phone has to save the battery on its own, it can decrease its level to 10Hz. 

The only disadvantage that is seen in terms of the display of the phone is its brightness level. The display brightness is not much and the screen is visible in the daylight. 

The screen of the smartphone is perfect for gamers. It has a smooth display therefore, it is not harsh on the eyes and can make it easier to even watch movies. 


Now we talk about the future that defines Google’s phone – the cameras of Pixel. Google started by using computational photography in its smartphones. Since then, many smartphone companies have caught the pace for the same, but none of them crosses Google’s camera quality. 

Google upgraded its hardware and software systems to improve algorithms. The main camera sensor in Pixel 6 Pro is 50MP. The ultra-wide camera of the smartphone is 12MP. Moreover, Pixel 6 Pro has a 20x digital zoom as well as AI-powered zoom.  

Other than these features, Google has also added a new highlight and that is a ‘magic eraser.’ This is an incredible element that helps you to wipe out all the unwanted items from your pictures. It does not give you the perfect photoshop results but has satisfactory results. 

Battery life 

Google Pixel 6 Pro has the biggest battery that is ever seen in all the phones by Google. It has a huge 5,000mAh battery. It is the same size as Galaxy S21 Ultra (by Samsung) and 500 times bigger than smartphones by OnePlus. 

The battery life of the phone lasts for 10 hours. It supports fast charging as well. 


Google Pixel 6 Pro has brilliant features. Not only has this smartphone given people great qualities but also shows excellent skills that are used to develop this masterpiece. 

This smartphone has to be given credits for giving tough competition to big smartphone companies like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, and many more. 

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