What is voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is the highly proficient marketing software that lets you connect with people at scale. You can deliver your message to a large number of people without human interference. By using a centralized system, you can pre-record messages and send automated calls to phone numbers. The call receiver interacts with the pre-recorded voice by typing keys on their keypad. There are a lot of benefits of voice broadcasting in your business. This software detects which key is pressed and further performs the task accordingly.

Before detailed information of voice broadcasting a short note on it and its features:

  • This software is bundled in SMS broadcasting, successfully giving you a dual advantage sword.
  • Easily used. Only record a voice message or use text to speech with the text that is being used for SMS. As well as call back numbers that are linked with IVR.
  • List of phone targets linked with messages. Moreover, using filters according to target people’s age, region, economic condition, or preferences.
  • Broadcasting scheduling
  • The software activates and sends out the voice broadcast to thousands of receivers at the set time in just a few minutes.

Versatile campaigns

Social activists, celebrities, and politicians want to remain in social awareness. In surveys show that more people are interested to pick up a voice call or read messages. With voice broadcasting software you can deliver your message among thousands of people in few minutes while you never deliver your message through TV, radio, print, or digital channels. As well as people never like these channels but you deliver your message to each one regardless of where they are and the time of the day with this software.

Backbone components of voice broadcasting technology

  • Dialer
  • Database
  • Broadcasting for charity
  • Cost-efficient campaigns
  • Customize messages
  • IVR structure
  • Generate contact list
  • Data analytics

Aspects to maximize lead generation

Here are some important factors of voice broadcasting campaigns that maximize the lead generation of your business.

1)   Set goals according to campaign

 Set your goal and design your roadmap. You know well what your business is and which goal want to achieve from the campaign. Your campaign is designed according to your goals. After that estimate money that you spend and all broadcasting tools that are used.

2)   Know your target audience

 After that, when you decide your goals, the next step is to define your target audience. You must know that what your target customers are as well as what they want. Design the campaign accordingly because in this way you can gain more customers and they take interest in your products and services. Other than, by knowing your audience you can create personalized voice message. Moreover, you can convert interesting people into your loyal customers in this approach.

3)   Brief personalized messages

 Message should not be more than 30 sec. Start this message with the introduction of your brand that establishes the credibility of the message. However, be clear when you giving your information about your products and services that never lose the interest of listeners. They keep in line with an interactive message and ask more questions regarding your services and products. In addition, include some interesting offers in the message that attracts more customers’ attention and get more leads bent with your brand.

4)   Make actionable message

To substitute engagement, it is important to take action after delivering the message. Recipients take action when they receive a voice message. Like that, to get a free demo press “1” and press “9” if you want to direct talks with the sales executive.

This technique motivates the people and forces them to act. Recipients that press any key will get more information about the product and service. Hence, this is the best way to engage more recipients and gain more and more leads.

A successful lead generation is getting a response. Therefore, keep the call to action process is simple and easy to understand. Try to make it as easy as possible for your target audience.

5)   High-quality voice and recording

Your focus on the quality of voice and recording. Make sure that message is crystal clear and has no ambiguity. Recipients easily understand this and take action. Besides, the tone of the message should be polite and positive. As well as recording should be sound friendly, with no long pause. In addition, you can hire an experienced to record sound friendly messages. This thing confirms that your message sounds friendly and well-received.

6)   Offer more opportunities

Give your recipients more opportunities for their long-term engagement. In addition, offer to unsubscribe opportunities because in this way you can save your time for wasting your time on those recipients that are not interested in your offers. Focus more on the right potential customers for your campaign.

7)   Give time to your campaign wisely 

Choose the delivery time wisely. To make the desired impact, your message must be delivered in a certain way. Avoid making early morning and late-night calls. Choose the right call time and gain successful leads. Voice broadcasting was never considered an unwanted message.

 Voice broadcasting software benefits

  • Advance tracking
  • Cost-efficient
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Flexible communication
  • Instinctive functionality
  • More Secure
  • Easy campaign management
  • Promote events
  • Deliver order status updates
  • Generate more leads and improve sales
  • Notification calls
  • Emergency alerts


You can turn your goal into real results and scale your business via voice broadcasting software. Dialer360 offers the best and intelligent voice broadcasting services that one of the business best practices. So, you need a proper roadmap when your design a broadcasting campaign. If you follow above all factors while designing the campaign, we confirm that you can stand out your voice broadcasting campaign from the crowd.