In a competitive environment call and contact, centers must adopt the key strategies to stay among top

market players. These strategies are guaranteed key elements to generate desired results if

implemented timely and monitored effectively. CYBELLS Call Center Dialer Software and Call Center

Solutions Provider understands the needs of the modern call center industry and always focuses to

provide instant and reliable solutions to address the concerns through research and development.

According to CYBELLS and Call Center Industry experts the following strategies are best to practice for a

successful call center


Adoption and implementation of latest call center software is the core and key element for a call center

to grow and succeed. The traditional call centers not only miss the big sales revenue but also shut down

highly competitive. The Dialer Callells Call Center software is the most modern dialer number that is built with all intelligent features from campaign loading to final reporting and analysis.    After

implementation of CYBELLS DIALER SOFTWARE, you will see the best and most satisfactory results

Cybells Software Dialers

Successful call centers always rely on agent’s performance monitoring and continuous

improvements. In this case Call Center Metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as First

Call Resolution (FCR)),Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Average Call Handling (AHT), Cost Per

Call (CPC), Call Arrival Rate (CAR), Total Call Handled (TCH), Percentage of Call Blocked (PCB), First

Response Time (FRP), Repeat Call Rate (RCR), Attrition Rate (AR), Average Speed of Answer

(ASA),Customer Effort Score (CES) etc are included.CYBELLS DIALER SOFTWARE provides all this

these Key Performance indicators to make your call center a successful call center

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CYBELLS believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the backbone of modern businesses hence in the call and contact center industry. By offering AI and self-services to your customers you save resources, money

and engage much more customers with your services that enhance customer services and experiences.

Cybells offer commenters and chatbots to deal with these concerns.

More about CYBELLS

CYBELLS is the best call center dialer software, provider. We understand the needs of modern call

centers and communication industry. CYBELLS focus on customer satisfaction with its superior

quality of Automated Call Center solutions, Best, Predictive Dialer, Integrated Hosted PBX, VOIP

Services, Business Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), VOICEBOTS, CHATBOTS, 24/7 support

and cost-effectiveness. Our cloud call center Dialer software is highly recommended because it

offers advanced features, easy to understand, excellent analytical features for higher

management that is a perfect suit to address strategic management and decisions. So just try

our most intelligent and affordable call center dialer software. Maximize your sale leads and

excel in customer services

Mainly we are providing


 Hosted PBX

 Voice Broadcasting

 VOIP Services


Some of CYBELLS DIALER features as below

Predictive Dialer, Agent Status Board, Cheapest VOIP Rates, Web Chat, Recording Portal, TPS/DNC

Filtering, Display Local Caller ID, CRM Integration and APIs, PCI Compliance, Internet Chat, Robo



VOICEBOTS and CHATBOTS are AI in modern customer interaction. These super modules offer

enterprise efficiency, cost-effectiveness, live agent independence in all major languages. Our AI

is best for E-Commerce, Contact Centers, Large Customer Data Basis for ultimate,cost-effective

support and services


Integrated tools, knowledge bank access, communication among employees when they are live

to empower them for enhanced customer experience and engagement

Reporting and Analytics

 Robust dashboard showing real-time data on agent-client conversations via  multiple chains

 Real-time information on the interaction source, the agent involved in an interaction,

and the context of interaction

 Get deeper insights into the operations and make informed decisions

Remote Readiness

 CYBELLS’s Remote Call Center Software lets enterprises overcome remote IT infrastructure

 Give your contact center agents the freedom to log in from anywhere, anytime. Agents, as well as  supervisors, can access the system from any device: laptop or mobile phones; any browser; and any environment i.e. whether they are working from home

or office


 PCI DSS compliant solution

 Pre-built connectors with state-of-the-art CRMs

 Non-disruptive CX across multiple digital touchpoints

 Flexible deployment options

 Enterprise-grade dialer

Data security is our first priority

Our first priority is to save our customer data information, personal contacts and secure them

of any incident, we have assigned IP addresses to our customers and only they have access to accessibility. In other words, only you have the authentication to access your staff information which means your personal data is protected and safe.

High-level data protection 

With CYBELLS DIALER, Your data is protected and secured. No one can access your server except

Your specific IP address or secret keyword you only have. It keeps a log of all

web access. Even any kind of access for technical reasons will require your authentication.

24/7 Support

Cybells offer round-the-clock support to its client globally. Our telecom engineers, software

developers, network experts are professionals well experienced with excellent written and

communication skills we track, analyze and report all support sessions to improve customer

service excellence