Shighrapatan, also known as premature ejaculation, is a widespread sexual dysfunction that a man can face at any point in his life. Without treating premature ejaculation, a couple can’t attain satisfying sexual intercourse. And that’s the reason why people go for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज (shighrapatan ka ila) at home to get rid of this issue effectively. 

Early discharge is a sexual issue in which a man ejaculates way too soon during sexual intercourse as expected by a couple. Due to this expectation and pre-ejaculation, a couple does not get the desired pleasure and fun from the sexual act. A person says to suffer from early ejaculation:

  • When he ejaculates too early during a sexual intercourse 
  • If a man is not able to control his ejaculation 
  • When a man experiences a rapid climax during masturbation.  

What is शीघ्रपतन का इलाज(shighrapatan ka ila)?

“शीघ्रपतन का इलाज” or premature ejaculation treatment is very common nowadays to get back the old fun, intimate times between a couple. Depending upon the actual cause of PE and its extent, you can get treatment from some good sexologists in India. You can also go for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज (shighrapatan ka ila) at home using some expert advice and consultation. 

Yes, you heard it right, it is possible to do शीघ्रपतन का इलाज (shighrapatan ka ila) at home only. There are many ways by which you can get ideal ejaculation timings to enjoy sexual acts with your partner.  

How can you do शीघ्रपतन का इलाज(shighrapatan ka ila) at home? 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a famous sexologist and leading sexual health expert at IASH, Jaipur says, “ By taking experts’ help and consulting a good doctor, any man can eliminate sexual disorders like premature ejaculation at home only. And when no home treatments work for a person, he can always consult a sexologist to get the ideal treatment”.

We will share some ways through which any man can overcome a sexual issue like shighrapatan at home: 

1. Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines 

Ayurveda is one of the oldest yet powerful ways to treat any physical or sexual disorder in India for thousands of years. Many ayurvedic substances like Vidrawan Ras,  Kaunch Beej, Kamini, and Yauvanamrit Rati eliminate PE from the core. 

Baidyanath Kamini Vidrawan for Premature Ejaculation Treatment.

A recent study proves the positive impact of Ayurvedic medicines on people using it. These medicines help in improving the ejaculation time while harming your body. In short, medicines can be said as शीघ्र स्खलन का रामबाण इलाज.

2. Opt for food items that help in eliminating Premature Ejaculation

Doctors have said, and people have seen that by changing your daily food habits, anyone can cure premature ejaculation. Just adding some food items rich in minerals, vitamins A and C, and zinc will help you eliminate early-discharge issues. 

Garlic is one such food that is proven to be highly effective on PE issues as it is rich in aphrodisiac and promotes the expansion of your ejaculation timing during a sexual act. Here are some food items that will help you cure PE at home:

7 Foods to Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally
  • Bananas 
  • Green Onions 
  • Ginger and Honey 
  • Dark Chocolate 
  • Watermelon 
  • Carrots
  • And food items rich in vitamin A and C. 

3. By doing daily exercises 

There is no doubt in saying that by doing daily exercise for PE at home, anyone can get rid of this sexual issue without taking any surgical treatment. Pelvic floor exercises are the ones that help in treating PE problems effectively. 

Pelvic floor muscles help in increasing pelvic strength and eliminate any future risks of PE as well. 

Pelvic exercises for men for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज in India

How to Perform:

1. Firstly, you have to identify your pelvic muscles to begin the exercise. You can find the correct pelvic muscles by stopping your pee in the mid or tightening the muscles that prevent you from passing your gas. 

2. After that, lay down on the floor and start contracting your muscles for 2-3 seconds. Relax for 3 seconds and then do it again. Do this exercise at least 10 times in one sitting.

3. You can increase the number of seconds for contraction gradually as your muscles get strong. You can do standing and walking positions as well. 

Aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging and weight-lifting are also helpful in curing early discharge problems. You can also do शीघ्र स्खलन का इलाज योग if you do not want any heavy exercises.

4. Medicines to cure Premature Ejaculation at Home 

There are many medicines in the market that doctors recommend a man suffering from PE issues to take. Some popular medicines like Tadalafil, Ohman Delay Capsules, and Sildenafil can be bought online through reliable websites like 

These medicines help in improving the functioning of the central nervous system, which ultimately allows a man to control his ejaculation timings. 

5. Pause and Squeeze Method

A very popular way to improve ejaculation timings at home without any treatment is the famous “Pause and Squeeze Methods”. This method eliminates PE by letting arousal dwindle before the climax. 

When you are ready to ejaculate, stop the process right away and let your partner squeeze the penile end, the one where the head joins the shaft. Continue the process till you feel no urge to ejaculate. You can repeat the process as many times as you like to see better results. 

IASH, India- the only center for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज(shighrapatan ka ila) in India

IASH India: Best Sexologist for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज in India

Above mentioned were some of the best options to do शीघ्रपतन का इलाज (shighrapatan ka ila) at home without any help. Any person can opt for these methods, but it is always advisable to consult a sexologist if they get no positive results. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one such famous sexologist and the founder of IASH, India- an all-in-one male sexual health clinic in Jaipur. IASH, India, offers all kinds of treatments for all types of sexual issues seen in men under the guidance of Dr. Chirag Bhandari. The treatments include medicinal, surgical, counselling sessions and behavioural therapies for couples. 

Suppose you have tried all home remedies to eliminate PE but still face failure. In that case, you can always rely on the best and effective premature ejaculation treatment by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, India.