Two years ago, when we adapted to the virtual medium of hosting events, did we ever think that virtual events would become our ‘go-to’ method of hosting events? Now that virtual events have become more popular than ever, experts suggest that this method is here to stay and are more likely to become the future of the global event industry.

The reason organizers prefer hosting virtual events is that virtual events are convenient, fast, and money-efficient, but they are also an efficient way to market and promote your brand.

But how exactly do virtual events help organizers and marketers across the globe to promote their brands? Let us find out.

For those who don’t know, brand marketing is promoting your products and services in such a way that it draws the attention of your audience to the overall brand. The intent behind brand marketing is to communicate your brand’s beliefs, message, and objectives to your audience. It is different from regular marketing and focuses on communicating all the elements of your brand effectively. Not only this, but it also focuses on representing your brand image, your identity, your expertise, etc.

How Can Virtual Events Help You With Brand Marketing?

Apart from being time and money-efficient, more convenient, and advantageous virtual events are of great help when it comes to brand marketing.

Virtual Events Allow Brand Representation:

The first and most important reason why virtual events and brand marketing go hand in hand is that these events give unlimited exposure and touchpoints. These events allow the organizers to brand all the elements of their virtual event with utmost ease. From the virtual stage to walkthroughs, the organizers can set up everything, keeping their brand and organization in mind. In a virtual event, all the elements of a Virtual Meeting Platform are more or less assets for the organizers, and they can use them to promote their brand. If you want people to know about the brand through your virtual event, simply pasting a logo on the Online Conference Platform won’t suffice. To get better and more effective results, one needs to take an extra step and ensure effective branding and event setup.

Use Micro-Virtual Events Strategy:

The organizers can use a micro-virtual event strategy to promote relationship marketing. Micro-events are a series of events that in the end merge into a larger event. Organizers use this strategy to kindle personal relationships between the brand and the audience. For example, you can host a series of round-table conferences, where you allow the attendees to express themselves rather than you talking about your brand.

Boost Brand Loyalty:

Virtual events allow you to boost your brand loyalty, which will help you expand your brand sphere. Data suggests that out of all your loyal customers, 50% of the audience will try more products and services from your brand. Not only this, 31% of that audience will refer to your brand in their circle. Therefore, it is vital to ensure brand loyalty among your audience. There are several ways to ensure that; one is allowing them to speak at your next event and share with others how it has been since they have associated with your brand. Next, you can leverage networking opportunities. Nothing better than allowing your attendees to connect with professionals at your event. It won’t only add to their overall event experience but drive brand awareness towards your brand. Another way you use to boost brand loyalty is by rewarding existing loyal customers during your virtual event.

Conduct Giveaways:

The next idea to promote your brand through your virtual event is by conducting giveaways. We are sure this idea will attract several users. Like, who doesn’t like receiving gifts and getting free goodies? We all do and trust us your audience will like it too. You can send free goodies to your attendees, once the event is over. An efficient online event platform will make it easy for you to get the names of all your event attendees. Send them goodies and brand merchandise post events. As said, your attendees will love this gesture of yours, and they will likely keep in touch with your brand.

Using Social Media to Expand Brand Reach:

There is no denying that our lives these days are more or less controlled by social media. You can incorporate this fact into your marketing strategy and expand the reach of your brand significantly. Run campaigns, create the event or brand-dedicated pages and post testimonials on social media. When it comes to social media and virtual events, the latter can expand the reach of your social media. You can leverage the social wall feature into your virtual event; it will help you expand your brand grow exponentially. You can create event-specific hashtags and filters, and encourage your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and everyone associated with the event to post pictures using those hashtags and filters. A social wall will accumulate all the posts from different social channels, and post them on one platform. It is a great way to expand the reach of your event across the vast sea of social media. Moreover, it is an excellent way to gain your audience’s trust.

In Conclusion

The intent to compile this blog was to alert you all to the marketing opportunities with virtual events. We hope the objective has been achieved. You can host your virtual event, and make use of the above-mentioned strategies and techniques. Virtual events have time and again played a crucial role in redefining the marketing of a brand. As we have said earlier, virtual events are way more advantageous than one can think. Also, it has become quite relevant in recent times as virtual event organizers focus more on event and brand marketing. To plan, design and execute a successful virtual event, all you need to have is an efficient and expert online event platform. It won’t help you bring your virtual event plans to reality in the most efficient way, but will also help your brand to grow exponentially.