Rugs add creativity, texture, and beauty to a room. It gives meaning to the spaces at your home. Do you want the feeling of comfort and warmth to hit you when you enter your home? Well, then use area rugs because they are one of the most comfortable sources of happiness and coziness that decorate your home and make it look pleasing and welcoming. You can use any shape and size that best suits your area. However, a 3×5 rug would never go out of trend. Do you worry if your 3×5 area rug is small for your large living room? Well, this article will guide you about how you can make the most out of a 3×5 area rug without making the place look unpleasant and imbalanced. 

Connecting spaces

Placing two small rugs in the same room creates a connection between the spaces. A large living room can be divided into two parts by placing small 3×5 rugs on the area. You can place a rug between the living room and then the second rug right in the corner to create a small sitting place with cushions and pillows all around it. Or, you can place a small rug at the living room entrance and a small rug in the center of the living room between the table and the tv. It also creates a connection between the sitting area and the dining table. Small rugs can be used as footstool covers to make an extra sitting place near other chairs or couches. Two small rugs placed next to each other also create a nice reading corner within the room.

Absorption of sound

Are you fed up with the thud noises coming from your wood and tiled floor? Well, then you surely need a jute 3×5 area rug to absorb the sound. These area rugs usually work in a home theatre to prevent the sound from traveling to other areas. You can also use these rugs to protect your floor and also reduce the stomping sound. The size of the 3×5 jute rug is perfect for placing at the entrance of a house or apartment. It is the perfect choice to use as doormats or door rugs. You can also place them in your bedroom or patio entrance area to prevent muddy footprints on the flooring surface of marble, tile, hardwood, or laminated wood.

Creating a unique and artistry ambiance

If you want to give a colorful and artistic ambiance, use 3×5 area rugs all over your room. You can place a rug in your bedroom right in front of the bed, or you can use a contrasted rug on each side of the bed. You can also keep a rug in front of the bathroom door and right at the corner in front of the dresser. We can use many different types of standard-sized rugs in one room to create a unique way of expressing art by making the ambiance pleasant and aesthetic. The artistic effect that area rugs create inside a house is aesthetically pleasing. It is the perfect rug for small areas of your house.

Use in the bathroom

The best place to use a 3×5 area rug is in the bathroom. A bathroom has a little spot between the sink and the wall. We can place a runner rug or 3×5 size on that space. A floral printed runner or a shag rug to complement the washroom walls and interior would look beautiful in the bathroom area. If you are thinking of using a small size rug, use it in the bathroom area. The size of the rug for the bathroom should be 3×5.

Small area rugs for hallway

The best place to put a small rug in your house is the hallway. The hallway gives an impression of your house as you enter it and leave from there as well. A floral printed runner with 3×5 size would look great in the hallways of any house. The best place to put the area rugs would be in your living room, hallways, bedroom, or kitchen. Even though there are other places like the bathroom areas where you can use them if they match your house decor’s interior, it is okay; otherwise, not.

Patio and open area

Patio rugs are trending these days due to excessive usage of outdoor areas. Using a 3×5 rug on the patio or open space in the garden would make a perfect impression. Using a synthetic rug would be appropriate with a good color combination and pattern that matches the exterior. Small-sized rugs would be perfect for your balconies as well, as the terraces do not have much space for more oversized rugs. So, use a 3×5 area rug for your patios and balconies. 

Small rugs for living room

If you want to create a unique statement for your living room area, choose a small 3×5 size rug. A small rug will be perfect if you have little space between your couch and the tv area. Selecting more than one standard size rug and placing it side by side will also be a unique way of giving your area a modern and classy look. If you want to use a small-size rug, you can make the space more creative and pleasant by adding your style of pattern and design. 

3×5 for dining area

Do you have a small dining table? Or less space to use a suitable rug for your dining room area? Well, don’t worry. You can use small area rugs to make up for your space. A 3×5 area rug is perfect for a four-seater dining room table. It is an ideal area to fit in small rugs. Use colors and patterns that match the ambiance of your dining room. Also, you can use two rugs together if you have a bigger space. 

Wrapping up, 3×5 area rugs are the most popular size used for decoration. You can use a 3×5 rug anywhere you want as it can fit perfectly in any area. For instance, you can use it as a doormat, a bathroom rug, a bedroom side table or dresser rug, or even in the living room, under the coffee table. Your 3×5 area rug will never go to waste. Don’t wait any longer and buy an excellent patterned area rug for your place. To find the best rugs, browse the rugs collection of RugKnots. They have every rug style and design.