Then you’re wondering how do you keep a Facebook video? This feature will help all users, but is especially beneficial for the professional in social media who has to master the art that social media has to offer.

Furthermore, Facebook can’t permit users to directly download videos hosted by the site. To do this, you’ll need to make use of an external program.

It’s not that difficult! In this article we’ll explain how you can save Facebook videos from your smartphone or laptop.

In the event of a problem, let’s show you the method of saving videos to Facebook to view later.

How to save video from Facebook to watch later?

This is similar to adding a webpage to the browser’s Favorites, right?

It lets you save any information, including news, pages, and events in the Facebook app.

This way, the article isn’t lost in feed updates, and you are able to access it at any time and as often as you’d like. If you’d like to you could take the post off your “Saved” listing.

It doesn’t matter whether you saw the video on your news feed or the page you were on it’s identical on desktops and mobile devices:

  1. Just click the 3 dots located at the top of the right side of the video.
  2. Choose the Save Video option.

To access what you’ve saved:

  1. Visit Facebook’s Home Page. Facebook home page; click here to go back. Page.
  2. Select “see further” in the lower left side of the page’s left
  3. Click Save.

How to save Facebook video on mobile?

Learn how to save Facebook videos via mobile on each operating system (Android as well as IOS).

Saving Facebook Videos on iPhone

The ability to download Facebook videos onto smartphones generally requires you to install an application.

If you are using your iOS system, you’ll enjoy My media. It does not just offer 12 choices of download sources; it allows these sites to be opened automatically in the app. It also lets users download audio as well as images.

Here’s the complete step-by-step to save your Facebook YouTube video for iOS:

  1. Make sure you install My media, the My media application.
  2. Copy the URL of the Facebook video that you would like to download, regardless of whether it’s on the feed you’re using or on an account that you’ve been to.
  3. My media includes a built-in web browser, which is opened upon clicking. Select one of the suggested websites. To test, we used
  4. Copy the video URL you want to embed in the address bar of the browser.
  5. The app will display the download button. Select Download the file.
  6. Name the folder; give it a name.
  7. Go through the contents of your Photo Gallery, the video is already in there!

Saving Facebook Videos on Android

If your device is running an Android system and you are using it is possible to download the Bulletsaver video downloader: Speed Video Downloader application is a great option. It has a good ranking with Google Play among the apps within the category of “video downloader”.

The app is a straightforward and light option to download videos from Facebook on mobile devices. It lets you select the resolution and instantly send it to your contacts.

By Using BlueSaver | Video Downloader

  1. Install the Blue Saver app to get Fast Video Downloader
  2. Click Link to Continue.
  3. Copy the URL of the video on Facebook that you wish to download, regardless of whether it’s on your feed or on a page you’ve viewed.
  4. Copy the video’s URL into the Blue Saver download bar The Fast Video Downloader
  5. The application will show a window asking, “What do you intend to accomplish using the application?”. Choose to save it the file in SD as well as HD (lower than greater resolution);
  6. Take a moment until the download is complete and then go to your Gallery.

How to save Facebook video on computer?

On your computer, you can save a Facebook video by visiting the download website. They will typically request the link to the video and then they make the file accessible to you.

Here’s how using one of the top popular websites:

  1. Browse Facebook in your browser and take the URL for the link to the video that you find interesting.
  2. Visit on the website.
  3. Copy the URL from the site and then select “Download”.
  4. The next screen will let you choose which option you prefer to download this video at standard resolution (“Download video in normal quality”) instead of in high-definition (“Download High Definition Video”).
  5. The website will display and display a video. You can then right-click to choose “Save Video as …”

Do you want to explore more alternatives? There are two more beginning with (the identical one we used in Mymedia):

  1. Browse Facebook within the browser then copy and paste the address of the video that is interesting to you.
  2. Visit the website
  3. Copy the link into the download box and then select Download.
  4. Click Download MP4 and then
  5. A window will appear, and you can select a name for the file, after that, click Save.
  6. Then, go through this video from your PC. can also let you also download video content from different platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion and even Instagram!

The last option we have is to save video:

  1. Browse Facebook using your browser, then copy and paste the address of the video that is interesting to you.
  2. Go to the Save Video website.
  3. Copy the link into the download box and then select Download.
  4. When the image of your you have selected is shown Click Download Video File.
  5. A window will pop up where you can choose a name to the file, and then save the file.
  6. Check out this video from your PC.

Like, Save video also downloads videos from different platforms which include Twitter and the well-known TikTok.

Like, Save video also downloads videos from various platforms, including Twitter and the infamous TikTok.

Cautions when saving Facebook videos

Like the downloading of videos via Instagram as well as YouTube Downloading videos from Facebook is not a method that is endorsed by the social media platform.

So, care should be exercised when using external tools and also when playing back files saved.

Do not download programs to your computer

Cloud tools are only recommended to save Facebook videos to your personal computer. In other words, you don’t have to download any software to your computer. If any program asks for this, make sure to not install any viruses.

On mobile phones there is a tendency to have the service of downloading videos to be offered by apps that must be downloaded. In this case you can depend on the apps accessible through both the Play Store and App Store.

Watch out for copyright and image rights

Should you choose to download the video to show it on your site or on another brand’s official channel Be conscious of the copyright to the image.

A hit song from a famous singer, for instance could be the reason the video you uploaded to YouTube to be removed or, even more threateningly is that you could be accused of being sued.

If you’re not legally authorized to use third-party content, it’s advised not to use it since you could be punished. In the links below here, you can find out more regarding YouTube as well as Facebook the copyright policies.

If you exercise the proper precautions in saving and playing documents, this feature could prove to be extremely beneficial.

Only download from trusted addresses

While the most popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo are completely free, the likelihood of viewing a video that is infected by a virus is significantly lower than on the more “dubious” websites.

The benefit of these 3 which we have mentioned is that you can check out the content prior to downloading it. So, your primary attention should be placed on the site you visit for downloading the video.

In this article we have tested and recommended three options, however you can select other choices provided they’re secure. It is recommended to search for comments and references from other users regarding the download site on the web.

Keep your operating system up to date

Even if an upgraded system isn’t 100% effective against viruses, it is sure that the security as well as security functions are in place and that the proper alerts are issued.

Here’s how you can check for updates on every kind of device:

  • Android Check for the latest update by selecting Settings > About > System Updates
  • iPhone How to determine if there are updates is to go to Settings > General > Software Update
  • Windows: The process of downloading and installing updates automatically unless this option is switched off. Based on the version you have of Windows it is possible that you have to go to the Control Panel followed by Windows Update.
  • Mac users must open the App Store and choose Updates. If your Mac version is outdated, Go to the Apple Menu and Software Update.

Through the help of these apps, people can easily download videos and share them with their friends via WhatsApp.

Marketing professionals will find it much easier to save video reference clips and share them with colleagues to make use of in presentations for brand and digital advertising campaigns.

The Comarketing feature, branded Content UCG, Branded Content, and UCG are a few ways you could need to make use of Facebook’s save feature.