Amarige, Irresistible and Pi for men are some of the perfumes from Givenchy that you must try. Find out more about these women’s scents in this article. In this article, we will cover some of the top Givenchy scents for men and ladies, and we will also discuss the best men’s scents from the brand. There are many other great fragrances from Givenchy that you should consider, but these three are my top favorites.

Irresistible by Givenchy

The original Givenchy Organza fragrance was launched in 1996 and is a sharp, oriental woody scent. The scent is very feminine and is classified as a sharp oriental woody fragrance. It features notes of honeysuckle, amber, nutmeg, vanilla, and gardenia. Givenchy recommends this scent for daytime wear. The brand is also known for its perfumes for men.

The very feminine scent of Givenchy perfume was created by three master perfumers Fanny Bal, Anne Flipo, and Dominique Ropion. It is a fruity floral scent featuring a bouquet of five roses and an intensely rich iris note. It is carried by sparkling, tangy notes of blackcurrant buds. The scent is a sexy and sophisticated fragrance, and will have you swooning in no time.

This floral fragrance is light, soft, and feminine. The five roses in Givenchy’s Irresistible Eau de Parfum create a perfect balance between femininity and sensuality. The florals are offset by the woody base notes of aromatic cedarwood and blond wood. The softer floral notes make it perfect for women who are passionate, but still need a little romance.

If you’re looking for a unisex, people-pleasing fragrance, look no further than CK One by Calvin Klein. This synthetic fragrance has been in the market for more than 25 years and crosses over the feminine/masculine line without being overpowering. It can be too masculine for some, but is equally appealing on others. There are many reasons why CK One is a good choice for a modern woman.

The scent is a warm and calming blend of fruit and woods. Pineapple and papaya give the scent a subtle sweetness. Citrus notes and tropical fruits open the fragrance, along with bergamot and green tea. There is also a hint of spice. CK One is a definite favorite among women who want a perfume that will last. It was developed with the new generation’s sex identity in mind.

Pi for men

The fragrance Givenchy PI for men was launched in 1999 and is classified as a refined oriental woody fragrance. Its citrus notes are combined with a woody aroma and a low vanilla note, making it an ideal scent for evening wear. This fragrance is also perfect for daytime wear as well. It is recommended for men who prefer a fresher, more clean-smelling fragrance. Givenchy PI for men is also suitable for both daytime and evening use.

Givenchy Pi for men is an intensely masculine scent that celebrates the sophisticated man and everything that makes him so captivating. It opens with top notes of basil and neroli, and continues with a heart of brown sugar and vanilla, as well as cedar and almond notes. The scent is long-lasting and is best for wearers who like to make an impression. Givenchy Pi for men is a fantastic fragrance for men who want to stand out from the crowd.

Pi is a masculine fragrance with a bold, masculine scent. The scent is described as energetic, adventurous, and magnetic, which is just the way it should be. The scent itself is made up of a mix of herbs and woody accords, making it ideal for a romantic date. This scent is a great choice if you want to impress the girl of your dreams. If you’re planning a special event for two, Pi could be the perfect scent for you.


The sharp oriental floral scent, Givenchy Amarige, was first launched in 1991 by the fashion house. This scent features a mix of violets, mimosas, orange flowers, soft sweet spices, and fruity notes. The scent was so popular it won a Golden Globe for Best New Fragrance in 1992. It is available in all price ranges, so it’s easy to find something that suits your personal tastes.

Amarige was created by Dominique Ropion in 1991. The name is a French anagram for marriage, which explains why the fragrance is so strong. The tuberose flower is the centerpiece of the scent, which is surprisingly delicate yet powerful. This flower is only found in feminine fragrances, and when blended with the other notes, it creates an explosive perfume. Unless you’re looking for a more feminine scent, Amarige is probably not for you.

The infamous ‘asthma’ perfume, Angel, has also been blamed for causing asthmatic attacks, although the scent is technically polished and has a moderate lifespan. The average shelf life is five to six hours. Amarige’s shelf life is five to six hours, making it perfect for spring and summer. It’s worth mentioning that Amarige is incredibly addictive. It can make women feel intensely feminine, while driving men crazy!

Obsession is one of the most iconic Calvin Klein perfume and was widely promoted when it was first released in 1985. Its aroma is wildly seductive, with notes of mandarin, peach, basil, vanilla, bergamot, green notes, and vanilla musk. It ends on a sweet, vanilla musk base. Obsession is an ideal fragrance for women who want to exude a feminine and seductive presence.

Forbidden Euphoria

Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein is the flanker to the original fragrance, Euphoria. While still as dark and sensuous, it is less intense and has a fruitier, light scent. It smells like a summertime version of Euphoria, but it is far more friendly. The name Forbidden Euphoria comes from the fact that it was created by Fabien Baron, a famous designer who was involved in the creation of the original fragrance.

Euphoria Forbidden by Calvin Klein is a floral fruity fragrance that was first introduced in 2011. Its top notes include raspberry and peach blossom, while the heart and base notes are made up of Orchid, Peony, and Musk. The scent is a feminine and fruity fragrance that is reminiscent of the tiger orchid. It is a great choice for any evening or romantic occasion.


The fragrance Obsession with Calvin Klein is one of the most popular colognes of the 80s and 90s. This spicy oriental fragrance is widely popular, and was released in 1985. Its projection is above average, and its longevity is above average. Obsession is marketed by Coty. This is a highly distinctive fragrance, with a hypnotic scent that will hypnotize you. It is ideal for young women in their early 20s and later.