Good oral health is a window to your overall health. Brushing your teeth twice every day is one of the best oral health practices. Since our childhood, we are taught about the benefits of brushing our teeth twice a day. However, as we grow old, we forget to follow this practice and just brush once a day in the morning. Also, with the availability of numerous dental products in the market aimed at freshening our mouths, including sprays, gums, and mouthwashes, people feel it is enough to brush once a day. This is not right. Even dentists advise brushing twice as a daily routine for overall good health. 

As suggested by family dentist Thornton, you should brush twice every day for the following reasons:-

Prevent tartar buildup: When you eat or drink, plaque is formed by the sticky film of bacteria that sticks to the teeth. When you brush or floss your teeth, it removes plaque. At night if you do not brush your teeth again, the plaque formed will turn into tartar over a period of time. Tartar is nothing but the plaque that has hardened over time. Once tartar is formed, it can only be cleared by scraping at the dentist.  

Prevent bad breath: When you brush your teeth twice, you clean the tongue too. The bacteria that reside on the tongue release volatile sulphur compounds regularly, giving bad breath. When brushing, you clean the tongue, due to which the oral microbes are removed and give you a fresh breath. Brushing twice also removes food particles that are stuck between the teeth. The food particles, if not cleaned, will rot in your mouth, leading to halitosis or bad breath. 

Removes bacteria: Bacteria is constantly produced in the mouth. Brushing your teeth twice is effective in destroying these bacteria. If left for a longer time, such bacteria damages the tooth enamel and gradually leads to tooth decay and weakening of gums. 

Improved overall health: With the advancements in oral healthcare, it has been found that poor oral health hygiene will aggravate major health issues. It can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. In women, it can also cause gynaecological problems. 

Not following oral health practices will lead to tooth decay, cavities, periodontal diseases, etc. If not treated and addressed at the right time, it will lead to major health problems like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Along with following health practices, we should also visit the dentist regularly to maintain healthier-looking teeth.

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