Be it precious or semi-precious stones, the craze for gemstone jewelry has always been enormous. A semi-precious gem, Moonstone has a pearly sheen and is loved in many cultures. Moonstone Jewelry makes for fine jewelry. The gemstone has a milky sheen or blue glow. It is generally semi-transparent or translucent and is found in yellow, reddish-brown, greenish, brown, and gray shades.

Designs in Moonstone Rings

A moonstone ring has a modern and stylish appeal. It looks delicate and chic with rose gold metal. Choose it for your everyday accessory or special occasions. It is sure to give you that rich look. Below are some designs in the moonstone ring that are most preferred.

Halo Moonstone Ring: There is an added glitter in the moonstone ring with a halo of diamonds or other small size gemstones. Moreover, the halo provides a strong setting for the gem.

Vintage Moonstone Ring: Moonstone has been valued for ages. The end of the Victorian era, also known as the Art Nouveau Period, also saw massive demand for moonstone jewelry. Since that time, the plain design of gemstone jewelry has been quite popular. The old designs are loved for their rich and royal look.

Bezel Set Moonstone: The bezel setting protects the Moonstone from its edges, and hence it is the best for everyday accessories. The gemstone remains secure in the setting. This setting is also minimal and is a classic one.

Floral Moonstone Ring: Moonstone looks like dew in the flower pattern of the metal. The design quite complements the stone and brings out its unique beauty. The mystical and magical aura of the stone goes well with the blooming flower pattern of the metal. This is also a protective setting for the gemstone. Reserve it for special occasions and wear it with evening gowns and long dresses.

Uneven Cut Moonstone: The rough faceted gemstone has a rustic appeal. It has a rich look and can be worn as a statement jewelry piece. Gem lovers have a special place in their hearts for the rough-cut stones. Wear it to a dance night or any gathering; this pattern will capture many hearts.

Side Stone Pattern: The side stones in a moonstone ring add more sparkle to it. If you don’t want to go over boards and just want a little sparkle in your jewelry, then this pattern can be the most suitable.

Handcrafted Designs: Moonstone rings are available in a wide range of designs.

Cut of The Gemstone:

The gemstone is typically polished as a cabochon to highlight its adularescence. The mineral structure of the gem refracts the light and produces a soft sheen. This property of refracting light is called adularescence.The curve on the cabochon enhances the shine on the gem. It is cut in the round and oval shapes and sometimes as squares and other fancy cuts.

Care for The Gemstone:

Save the gemstone from harsh chemicals and cleaners. Also, tell your customers to remove gemstone jewelry while exercising, deep cleaning, or swimming. Storing the jewelry also matters a lot when it comes to its protection.


Best Place to Buy Gemstone Jewelry

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