Best Treks in Ladakh


Located at a mere hour-long flight away from the national capital of Delhi, Ladakh is nothing but a piece of heaven that dropped down for the mortals to explore and admire. Tens of monasteries located over the stark, sun-bathed hillside are just waiting for you to find peace and tranquility in them. This cold desert of Ladakh is home to a very welcoming population of Buddhists and Muslims that welcome you with a warm hug. This enigmatic location is best explored on foot, and below we have for you a list of some of the most amazing treks that Ladakh has to offer. 

Sham Valley Trek (3 to 4 days)

The Sham Valley Trek, which is also very famously known by its nickname “a baby trek”, is a scenic hike through lower Ladakh, beginning in Likir, a petite hamlet home to a very spectacular 11th-century Gompa, or Buddhist monastery, with a gigantic statue Lord Buddha, made of Gold. winding through the poplar-paved roads and traditional hamlets, it acts as a great sampler for anyone who is visiting Ladakh for the first time or as a primer for more regular climbers. Though trekkers only walk only for a couple of hours a day, even then they encounter some very steep slopes. And you may also encounter a little traffic while you travel on this route. 

Chadar Frozen River Trek (8 days)

During the harsh winters of Ladakh, continuous snowfall creates a beautiful white blanket across the mountain passes. This acts as a double-edged sword making the terrain more beautiful than anything else in this world, but it also makes the majority of areas unreachable by the means of roads. To establish a connection between the villages in the remote region of Zanskar, the native people of Ladakh started walking over frozen waters. The Zanskar river ice trek presents the tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime eighth day trek along the magnificent gorges and pristine icefalls, testing the mettle of the travelers through amazing and risky snowscapes. The temperatures at this trek can drop as low as -30℃, and it goes without saying that this trek is not for people who have a weak heart. 

Note: A road through Zanskar is under construction at the present time, which will probably impact the route. The Chadar trek is also facing another serious threat from climate change since milder winters lead to thinner ice.

Nubra Valley Trek (6 to 10 days)

As you join on this mesmerizing and heart-stopping trek, you will bear witness to some of the most amazing views on this earth including the views of purple mountains, camels with two humps also known as double-humped camels, and also white sand dunes. The Nubra Valley, which was once upon a time a part of the legendary Silk Route, even today is a one-time gateway to the ancient route. The Nubra Valley is very proudly called Ladakh’s prettiest region. Beautiful meadows and shrines are some things that we will see very often as we trek through these amazing scenic locations for an entire week. From Hunder to the high pass of Lasermo La, we will very efficiently avoid throngs of day-travelers. At a height of 17,716 feet above sea level, the tourists are sure to have an unobstructed and amazing view of the Karakoram mountain range, which is home to K2, the world’s second-highest peak. 

Markha Valley Trek

The Markha Valley trek is full of adventure, known as a teahouse trek. This is one of Ladakh’s most famous trekking routes and it is clearly visible why it is so. With a number of high passes and an elevation clocking in at a whopping 16,830 feet above sea level, this diverse climb covers an abundance of picturesque destinations of Ladakh be it the beautiful ranges, rammed-earth hamlets, and snow-clad summits. It also takes a dip inside the Hemis National Park, a protected area home to Himalayan bears, foxes, wolves and also the largest population of snow leopards in the whole world. (Winter wildlife treks can also be prepared since it is highly unlikely that you will spot the elusive “gray ghost” during the summer months.)