It’s not a secret that 2020 was an buymalaysianfollowers extraordinary year.

Although we will all be grateful to have it come to a end This year is an important game changer in the realm of digital-first experiences.

Starting with the Tiger King phenomenon to a Gen Z-fronted Ratatousical TikTok It’s been a plethora of enthralling, hilarious and even a bit baffling.

Are you ready to review the top of them? Grab your seat, it’s going to be an exciting journey:

“Top 10 Social Media Moments of 2020:

  1. TikTok went viral
  2. Brands Became Broadcasters
  3. Global Politics Took Center Stage
  4. Instagram Launched…Pretty Much Everything You Can Imagine
  5. So. Many. Meme. Moments
  6. Every Platform has released Stories as a Feature
  7. Tiger King The Tiger King broke the Internet
  8. E-commerce is a part of the building
  9. TikTok sparked a new Wave of Entertainers
  10. Ruper Grint stole David Attenburgh’s Crown

Social Media Moment #1: TikTok Went Viral

2020 will be forever the year in which TikTok has taken the world by storm.

App Store along with Google Play customers around the globe downloaded TikTok more than 115 million times in March 2020 and broke the record for most apps downloaded in a quarter.

The app has revealed many of the intriguing and interesting trends for 2020, ranging from a guy skating on a skateboard and drinking cranberry juice, to Bella Poarch’s M to B (with more than 529M viewers and growing).

What was it that made TikTok such a success and what is the reason?

# 1: TikTok Trends infiltrated Popular Culture

Although it initially saw huge growth with the Gen Z audience, the application has gained traction across every demographic — with the hottest TikTok trends extending to almost every social media platform along with the traditional channels for broadcasting.

16-year-old Charli D’Amelio, 16, joined Jimmy Fallon for a dance off The Tonight Show, starred in the Super Bowl commercial, and became the first TikTok star to surpass 100 million followers.

TikTok has also been welcomed by mainstream stars. In the Flip the Switch Challenge, Flip The Switch challenge was re-created by A-listers including Emily Ratajkowski and the Fat Jewish comedians Kate McKinnon and Senator Elizabeth Warren and Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Jason Derulo, Kylie Jenner, Lizzo, Charlie Puth and Tyga included among the top five celebrities in the world of TikTok in 2020. Will Smith’s Wipe it Down Challenge was among the most popular TikTok videos of the year.

#2: Collaboration Over Competition

The app’s focus on collaboration has led to some of web’s most innovative content, ranging including viral dance trends, comic sketches and transformations.

Just when we thought that 2020 wouldn’t be any more incredible and awe-inspiring, millions of TikTok users gathered to make an online Ratatouille Musical — or the Ratatousical, as it’s known.

Producers, actors, and prop designers resorted to TikTok to stage an event unlike anything else on Broadway.

The end result? It’s quite amazing and will demonstrate just how innovative as well as collaborative and a wide-ranging viral video platform can be.

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2020’s Social Media Moments # 2: Brands became Broadcasters

Businesses across the world shut their doors in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the last year.

As the saying goes, once one door closes and another is opened. Businesses and brands that are forward-thinking made use of social media to connect their communities to one another during difficult times.

The most unexpected protagonist of this change? Instagram Live.

While it was at one point a somewhat unpopular function, Instagram Live had a massive resurgence in the past year. The month of April saw Facebook as well as Instagram saw an increase of 40% in use and viewers for Instagram Live in addition to Facebook Live increasing by a third in a single week.

The result was that the brands became more than the items they offer in 2020.

Employees and founders alike attended to create relevant content for their viewers including virtual yoga, baking at home — and everything else in between.

Always quick to react, Instagram has since introduced methods to make money from live experiences.

Businesses can now make use of Instagram Live Shopping in order to include a the possibility of purchasing a product link on the live stream, and viewers are able to purchase Instagram Live Badges to show their appreciation to their favourite creators.

TikTok also introduced a brand new Live feature that allows creators to interact with their community, and LinkedIn has also introduced a live stream feature for brands that have been approved on the platform.

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**2020 Social Media Moments #3: Global Politics Took Center Stage


At one time the social media platform was utilized to share stunning photos from stunning, remote destinations.

However, that’s not the case anymore.

The year 2020 was the time when activism was on the on the scene, with more users expressing their political views, educating others, and taking part in social causes more than before.

Social media is becoming more ingrained into our daily life and our culture. It is perhaps the most effective method of raising awareness and promoting change. This shift to activism isn’t just necessary and necessary, but it’s also is long overdue.

In June this year more than 21 million #BlackoutTuesday photos were posted via Instagram, in support of The Black Lives Matter movement.

Brands, celebrities, activists and companies used social media to voice their opinions against injustices to the black community in a way that’s not been done beforecreating new dialogues and a feeling of solidarity.

Similar to this, we’ve seen social media play a significant component of voter mobilization 2020.

On TikTok the creators gathered for Tok the Vote A campaign that aims to get more people to cast a vote and make some difference during the 2020 election.

Aidan Kohn-Murphy, a 16-year-old, began his account “TikTok in support of Biden” (now named @gen.zforchange) that has more than 1.2M followers. Some videos have more than 8.8M views.

The list doesn’t stop there. From LGBTQ+ rights to eco-activism Social media has now become an ideal platform for political activism on all aspect.

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2020’s The Social Media Moments #4: Instagram Launched… The Most Everything You Can Think Of

Instagram is always an innovator in the field of unveiling new features and features, however, it’s been an absolute bumper year.

For a brief overview examples, the social media explosion launched:

Reels on Instagram Reels

  • Instagram Guides
  • Shop on Instagram
  • Food Order and Fundraiser Instagram Stories stickers
  • Many e-commerce integrations
  • A controversial new Homepage layout

In actuality, the tech giant is so busy that managing all the new features has been a problem on its own.

What did it produce? The result? Homepage revamp, however not everyone was happy to have it.

Although it has received mixed critiques, Instagram’s emphasis to Reels along with Shopping is expected to stay and one that is likely to increase in popularity by 2021.

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2020 Social Media Moments #5: So. Many. Meme. Moments

In a year that brought us a pandemic that spread across the globe, the swarm of murder hornets, and the demise of Mr. Peanut You’d be forgiven for wanting mild comedy.

Ask and the internet will answer.

Memes have dominated nearly all social platforms in the past year with plenty of them offering a funny and relatable perspective on the current news.

Trends that were popular include the “how it began, and what’s the next step” meme:

The Reese Witherspoon January-September meme

and the Dolly Parton Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tinder photos meme:

In addition, a number of events in pop culture caused meme superstorms in 2020.

From the Mike Pence fly moment to Elon Musk and Grime’s wacky baby name and Billie Eilish at the Oscars memes captured the current mood and were a big hit this year.

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*2020 Social Media Moments #6: Every platform has released Stories as a feature

For the majority of people Stories are now an integral component on the landscape of social media. it is the easiest method to share and consume small snippets of content via mobile devices.

In 2020 we saw stories being released across all major social media platforms and platforms, including Twitter Fleets, LinkedIn Stories, and Pinterest Story Pins all making their debut.

Stories are now the main food for Millennials and Gen Z users, and the change in how people enjoy sharing and using content is difficult to ignore.

“There’s an entire generation of people growing up using stories as a means of expressing themselves,” explained LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management, Pete Davies.

“They’re more comfortable in starting conversations using a full-screen ephemeral format rather than updating their status,” he shared.

In this regard We can expect to watch stories increase in both popularity and importance across all platforms in 2021.

2020’s Social Media 7 Moments of the Year: Tiger King Broke the Internet

Hey adorable kittens and cats!

A 2020 calendar would not be complete without the mention of one Internet phenomenon: Tiger King.

The Netflix documentary was able to get everybody online, with more than 1.8M organic interactions in just 10 days on Twitter all by itself.

The show’s vibrant characters and a tangled plot made for internet gold, meme heaven for everyone to enjoy.

to my friends who haven’t watched it

The range of activities ranged from Instagram AR filters all the way to BuzzFeed’s “Which Character Are You?” quizzes, no area of the internet was left unaffected from Tiger King fever.

The viral excitement surrounding the show, combined with COVID-19’s restrictions, was a major factor in the show’s huge success.

What can we learn from this? That meme culture’s power isn’t to be undervalued, as does Carole Baskin.

2020: Social Media Moments #8 The E-commerce Industry Has Into the Building

If you’ve missed it that year was 2020. It was the year that social shopping became a mainstream activity.

Since COVID-19 has forced several businesses to temporarily shut their doors, a variety of platforms have introduced new ways to purchase on social.

Instagram launched a Shop tab on the app’s Homepage It also launched Instagram Live, IGTV Shopping and the ability to shop Instagram Guides and in addition to rolling out Instagram Checkout to all businesses that are eligible across the US.

The list doesn’t stop there.

As per the Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, shopping on Instagram Reels is likely to become an option, making every feature of the app available for purchase.

TikTok Shopping has also gained significant momentum in the past year, through a unique collaboration with an online-based platform Shopify. Shopify.

Merchants who have access to this program will be able connect the TikTok business account to their Shopify account to sell products through TikTok by using in-feed shoppable videos advertisements.

Additionally, Pinterest also levelled-up its shopping features and added a Shop tab that allows users to browse and discover on products in stock.

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2020: Social Media Moments Number 9 TikTok gave birth to a the New Wave of Entertainers

The biggest repercussion from 2020’s TikTok excitement has been the popularity of the TikTok comedian.

The list goes on and on. From Jeff Right Now to Jordan Firstman The latest and emerging talent have soared to international success with the TikTok For You Page, and we’re here to support them.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this? There are new comedians emerging across the globe. Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo now has over 1.3M followers on Instagram and more than 1.9M followers on TikTok.

from pop-culture parodies, to stunningly amazing Keira knightly performances, TikTok was able to deliver the quality in 2020.

2020 Social Media Moments #10: Rupert Grint Heist David Attenburgh’s Crown

Records are always designed to be broken and this year was two wins in the hands of Brits through Instagram.

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint set the record for the fastest time to hit 1 million followers on Instagram winning the title over the fellow Brit who is also a broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough.

He was awarded the crown after he crossed the 1M record in just one hour and 1 minute and shaving 43 minutes off of the record set by Attenborough. Some might think.

In his very first blog article, Grint introduced Wednesday, his daughter, who is a newborn, to the world.

The author wrote: “Hey Instagram ….only 10 years behind and this is me. Greet the Gram! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you the G. Grint on Wednesday. G. Grint. Be secure, Rupert.”

Then, that’s it!

From the viral TikTok trends to game-changing ecommerce features Click Here the year of 2020 has been an event unlike any other – and one that is likely to transform the way we interact with social media in the future years.